Thanking God for 40 Years

Today is a big milestone for me, I’ve left the 30s behind and hit the big four o. I’m thanking God for his goodness to me over the years, I really feel blessed and know everything that happens in my life is by His grace and mercy.

My wife, Michelle really pulled the wool over my eyes with a lot of help from my brothers, sister and some very special friends. I was led to believe we were going to keep it low key with a restaurant booked for me, Michelle, Hope and Josh in the evening… I was going out with my friend Mike to Surbiton Raceway for Go Karting in the afternoon and would be back in time… but that was a rouse to get me out of the way…well played.

Go Karting was amazing, it was so cool to see my Cousin Phabian there… had no idea he was joining us… also had no idea that the birthday boy had to wear a pink jumpsuit… breaking all kina man rules.

Turns out Michelle and Chris had arranged for a large group of men, all family and friends to be waiting to surprise me at the church where I thought me and Mike were just dropping something off. I was blown away and really feel blessed.

Thanking God for a great evening and for the amazing family and friends he has given me.

I got a Card with the following scripture, which is so true. Take time to delight in God and all he has blessed you with today.

The steps of a man are established by the Lord, when he delights in his way;” (Psalm 37:23, ESV)


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