The Reign: What is Jesus doing

Looking at Jesus, part 3 of 5. What is Jesus doing today as he reign’s from his throne in Heaven?

1. Making our case heard

Jesus is right now making our case heard in the courts of Heaven. He stands as our High Priest as a mediator between us and God but he is also our Advocate, making a legal case for our good against the accusations of the enemy and the demands of God’s Holy law which he fulfilled in his life and paid for on the cross. see Romans 8:34 ESV and Hebrews 7:26 ESV

2. Commanding Heavens Armies

Jesus is the great champion of Heaven and the Saviour of Earth. He alone has the authority to command the armies of Heaven to go to war with the forces of the enemy for the sake of mankind and God’s good creation. see Revelation 5:11–13 ESV

3. Expanding his Kingdom

Jesus is right now expanding his kingdom through the spread of the Gospel and the growth of the church to the ends of the earth. see Matthew 28:16–20 ESV

4. Defeating the Enemy

As his kingdom spreads, the enemy’s kingdom of darkness and sin diminishes. He has given the believers as his representatives, authority over all the power of the enemy. see Luke 10:18–19 ESV

5. Changing his People

Jesus is actively changing his people. We are adopted as God’s own children. When we put our faith in him, God the Holy Spirit helps us to grow and become more like Jesus as we listen to his word, and serve in fellowship with other believers. see John 1:12–13 ESV


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