The Mission: What has Jesus done

Looking at Jesus, part 2 of 5. What work did Jesus accomplish in his mission to Earth?

1. The Righteous Life

One of the mission objectives Jesus accomplished was that he lived a perfect life. He lived the life none of us could ever live. As the bible says in Romans 5:19 ESV his righteous life is given to us. That means God sees our lives as the perfect life of Christ when we put our faith in him. Also see Hebrews 4:15 ESV

2. The Cross

The most well-known mission that Jesus accomplished while on the earth was in the suffering he endured leading up to on and on the cross. Jesus suffered and died in our place on the cross so that we would be able to live in the same place as God forever through our belief, repentance and allegiance to him. See John 19:1–3 ESV and John 19:30 ESV

3. The Resurrection

Jesus rose from the dead. The mission would not have been completed without this. He defeated death and opened the way for us to rise from death and enter into the joy of God’s presence forever. Through Jesus, we have access to the newness of life that comes from the resurrection when the curse brought by Adam and Eve’s sin began to reverse. See Matthew 28:5–8 ESV and Romans 8:11 ESV

4. The Ascension

Jesus Ascended into heaven, he did not die again. He will come back in the same way he left so all those claiming Jesus has already returned in some form or other are either mistaken or deliberately deceiving the people. See Acts 1:11 ESV

5. The Enthronement

And finally, Jesus was enthroned as the God-Man. One like us is on the throne ruling over heaven and earth. He has the authority and has won the victory so we can stand on his word, person and work and pray to God in his name. See Ephesians 1:20–21 ESV

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