Working, unwinding and making

Ok… I’ve not blogged for a few weeks now. I’ve been caught up with work… and then trying to unwind from work… I really enjoy the work I do but have found it challenging in the last few weeks to have  good time and energy management to write consistently… but I’m working on that.

Over the weekend I started work on a new short book, one of a series I’m writing this year. It will be out soon and is based in part on the series I released at the start of the year on Humility.

Make time and more importantly energy available to pursue the desires God has put in your heart… no one is going to do it for you.

I recently listened to a book by Andre Crouch on Culture Making which was really good. We are all called to make something of the world, to do something that will make a difference in this world… don’t drift along… make up your mind and put your body into action to contribute something to the world today.

I’m reminded of the parable Jesus taught about the faithful servants who got up and did something with what he gave them vs the selfish and lazy servant who didn’t in Matthew 25:14-30 … let’s be the former.


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